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About Dr. Kimberly Mack

The Purpose Driven Educator


Dr. Kimberly Mack

Leader | Educator | Author | Speaker | Coach & Mentor

     Featured on NBC News’ Education Nation, Dr. Mack has been credited with helping teams to develop innovative approaches to urban education.  She holds credentials from Miami University (Ohio), University of Cincinnati, University of Virginia, and Xavier University (Ohio).  


     For more than 20 years, Dr. Mack serves as an elementary school leader and building-level Principal Coach, leading her school to successfully engage children and families in the educational process.  She believes education is the great equalizer.  All children deserve a quality education–a human and humane right.


     Dr. Mack’s most noted leadership trait is servant leadership,  Seeking to serve family, school, community, and the world by developing servant leaders in a variety of vocations.  Using this leadership style, Dr. Mack has successfully developed an interdisciplinary learning style of the future–Global Environmental Literacy, which challenges elementary students to prepare for the jobs that have not yet been created and become stewards of our natural world.


To enlighten, empower, and engage to become our BEST selves and become lifelong learners.


To share a personal and professional journey as helper, collaborator, and incubator of the future in education.