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Powerful tools to enlighten, empower, and engage in evolving into our BEST selves through lifelong learning.

e-Learning | Publishing

Using the latest media, we share our knowledge and vital information through a variety of platforms.  Participating in our e-learning platform will build your skills and knowledge-base as your consider your pathway to success.  Bringing knowledge, ideas, and inspirational stories into the marketplace is our passion.

Real Estate Management & Investing

The Real Estate business is an attractive option for building wealth.  Having real estate with built-in equity can offer financial freedom if you know how to successfully manage.  There are many avenues for acquiring real estate that leads to financial freedom.  Let us help you to attain your financial goals.

Coaching & Mentorship

Self-discovery is the first step in moving to the next level whether personally or professionally.  If you have an interest in creating a life of purpose, we can help you.  Contact us for a 15- minute discovery call to see if we can guide you to fulfill your purpose.


Frequently Asked Questions

While the terms “coaching” and “mentoring” are often used interchangeably, they are technically two different functions. There is a distinction between the two functions.

Coaching is a paired dialogue in which a facilitator (the coach) uses questions, feedback, and encouragement to help the other party reach a desired goal through mastery of new skills, deeper self-understanding, improved effectiveness, and accelerated achievement.

By contrast, mentoring is a paired relationship, the aim of which is to transfer wisdom and insight from someone with veteran experience (the mentor) to another person with more limited experience (the mentee) in a setting of collegial dialogue.

In short, a mentor is someone who “shows you the ropes.” Whereas coaching aims at improved performance in an immediate situation, mentoring aims at increased wisdom and understanding in the broader context of life.

e-Learning offers the learner flexibility.  Because the courses are online and can be completed at your own pace, the learner finds flexibility in completing the course.  If there is a concept that the learner needs more time to master, he is not forced to move at the pace of the class or instructor.  He can do so at a pace that is comfortable.

No.  The Purpose-Driven Educator is passionate about helping you accomplish your personal goals–no matter what your experience level may be or even how long it may take.  We will take you by the hand and support you through the process.

Contact us for a FREE 15-minute introductory conference in which we learn about you and your goals to understand how we can support you.  There is no obligation to purchase any services.